Olga Vinogradova

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Name: Olga Vinogradova

Date of Birth: 9 December 1990

Home town: Russia, Moscow

Education: specialized secondary education (Teacher Training Colledge number 10 "Early rehabilitative pedagogy in Primary education"), higher education (student - MGAFK Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture and Sport)

Sport: Now I am a member of the Russian national team in orienteering on bikes. In the past silver medalist Russian Championships in cycling (cross-country ), two-time champion of the World Championship in MTB-O (orienteering on bicycles), Champion of Russia MTB-O 2012 year. 2009-2011 was chosen for the national Russian team to prepare for the Olympic Games in London in 2012 (due to personal reasons, refuse to continue cooperation with the Russian cycling federation)

Degree: Master of sports in cycling (cross-country), master of sports, international class in MTB-O (orienteering on bicycles )

Work: a professional athlete (orienteering on bicycles )

Coach: Vyacheslav Kostylev

Consultant for the physical preparation: Mikhail Vinogradov

Weightlifting: Leonid Vorona

Club: In search! Any suggestions? )

Sponsors: SQUEEZY, ORIFIX, Velodoctor (Abramov Jura)


2007            2 th place RUS Summer Olympics Mountain Bike ( Cross Country )

2007            4 th place RUS Spartaakiada Summer Mountain Bike ( Cross Country )

25.07.2007   2 th place RUS cross country MTB Russian Champions

15.08.2009   9 th place ISR World Championships             Long

16.07.2010   1 th place POR Portugal Junior World             Long

17.07.2010   2 th place POR Portugal Junior World             Relay

13.07.2010   1 th place POR Portugal Junior World             Middle

23.08.2011   6 th place ITA World Championships              Long

20.08.2011   4 th place RUS European Championship         Middle  

23.08.2011   2 th place RUS European Championship         Relay 

06.08.2012   5 th place CZE World Cup Event                    Middle

08.07.2012   4 th place CZE World Cup                             Middle

25.05.2012   2 th place RUS Russian Championships          Middle

23.05.2012   1 th place RUS Russian Championships          Sprint

26.06.2012   1 th place RUS Cup of Russia MTB-O             Sprint

June 2013     2 th place POL European Championships        Relay

June 2013     4 th place POL European Championships        Long

June 2013     2 th place RUS Russian Championships          Sprint

June 2013     2 th place RUS Russian Championships          Midl

June 2013     1 th place RUS Russian Championships          Relay

28.08.2013   4 th place EST World Championships             Midl

11.10.2013   1 th place POR World Cup                             Midl

13.10.2013   2  th place POR World Cup                            MIXRelay

6 place in top 6 World Cup Runking


Hobbies: Orienteering, weightlifting, biking, photography, learning a foreign language, soccer, skiing, jogging, ceramics, ping pong, drawing, reading, nature, every living creatures.

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