Not happened again (WOC 2013 middle)

    A month has passed since my disastrous WOC in Vuokatti. And now I feel like it’s time to take a look back.
    There is a word in finnish language "harraste" - a hobby. My "harraste" is photography. In 2009 I got reflex camera into my hands. At the level of an amateur I like to take pictures of everything that I find beautiful or interesting, always wishing to improve my pictures. 
And it takes huge expense of energy. Since the beginning of the WOC I was presented at team meeting as “our photographer," so here I stayed.. half of WOC week being a photographer, but not sportsmen. 
My mental power just burned out.

    About one year ago one of ex-russian national team runner, Tatiana Yaksanova, gave me advice: "Do not take the photographer job while you endeavor to compete yourself". To my pity I did not follow that advice ..
    During the whole WOC-week there was quite a little time when I was free from my hobby.
After the championship Jani Lakanen wrote a very good article "THAT'S IT!!!". There is a passage which I like the most: "The mental preparation is everything. It's above and inside physical, technical and psychological training. Without mental preparation I would spend a lot of my energy before THE RACE. The ultimate goal is what I'm preparing myself for and I want to save all of my energy and power to that goal. "..
    11 of July2013/Middle qualification .. Bus to the start. I suddenly realize that it was quite a while since I felt so deeply nervous: ".. breath, Natasha, breath .."
    Looking through the “space” between K-point and 1st control I noticed that it’s very tricky: the hill with lots of details. The words that have been said during our last team-meeting were immediately on my mind:” Take as secure routes as possible..". . At my last WOC- training camp I tried to run keeping to the straight line, without doing all the needed work for proper route choices. It wasn’t good at all. 
As the result, during middle qualification I started to the far from optimal routechoice and then it was somewhat different from strait I did not succeed in fulfilling it. This is how I failed to qualify for WOC-midlle final second time in a row. 
Maybe the innovations IOF lately took will be helpful to me next year and I then at least run my final :)
Will it be Happy year?


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  • Nataly Vinogradova

    Nataly Vinogradova

    Comment Link Monday, 04 November 2013 15:32

    Thank you) I am pleased that you are interested to read the article!)
    Дорогой D.:) Instead a camera on the next WOC I'll take my sister.. with a camera

  • D.


    Comment Link Friday, 13 September 2013 22:52

    So is the problem if someone is good at many things. :) I'd miss your photos but for a WOC week it is a great idea to give the camera some days off.

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